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We as a team of experts have an immense talent for communicating to the global audience around the world with a personalized interpretation. Some of the major translation services we provide are

Medical Translation

Medical Translation
We assure our clients to deliver accurate medical translation services at pocket-friendly rates. Our translators have rich experience in translating medical content and we only hire the best brains of the nation to deliver quality translated products beyond the expectation of our clients.

Legal Translation

Our expert team can handle any translations which can be used for legal purposes such as legal rulings, litigation papers, and wills and also work on patents, transcripts as well on important financial reports.
Legal Translation
This is a process of transmitting certain technical things which involves the translation of documents produces by certain guidelines and technical writers such as owner manual, user guides, or any specified texts.
Information technology has become an integral process nowadays, with every modern equipment specialized on high standards thus establishing a relation between IT translation & technical translations such as interviews, meetings, etc, We provide those aspects with ease.
As a team, we importantly understand the profound research on each process more ultimately, and also ensures that we are the best at handling any cultural prospects which can be faced on global research projects.
Sometimes advertisements are more important to provoke your brand identity more astounding, we believe that our translators can solve any challenges on advertising practices to become a business success.
Languages are always an asset on social media, because there is a necessity on interacting with customers on an international range with various social media platforms, Need help? The members of Transindia Translation Services has some tips for getting the best out.
We are specialized in providing immigration services to our clients depending upon their needs which are to be notarized as well as on submitting the document for their immigration purposes.
Globalization is one of the dynamic influences on all the aspects of the tourism industries, We offer translation services for an exquisite set of languages for a multilingual support system.
Our team is highly expertise in covering financial text and translations, business documents with the knowledge of the language often specifically used in the various industries such as concepts, termonologies, and business products.

Why Transindia-Translations Service?

100+ Languages

We provide subtitling translation services in more than 100 languages

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We share all the files via secure FTP transfer with our resources.

24*7 Support

Our project managers are available 24*7 to support our clients.